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Commune and Heath

Celebrating 15 Years of Friendship and Collaboration


Commune and Heath

We have been collaborating with our good friends at Heath for 15 years now. Across a variety of projects big and small, from their own retail stores and showrooms in Los Angeles and throughout the Bay Area to artist driven projects and installations, we’ve come to know Cathy and Robin, and their wonderful team, quite well. It’s a friendship we hold near and dear.

Heath is an icon of California craft and a kindred spirit to our own respective pursuits and it is with this history and spirit that we are incredibly proud to announce our latest collaboration: The Commune for Heath Dinnerware Collection. We have been hard at work — slowly and intentionally, stretching back seven years — to bring something special to the table. The intent of this collection was not to reinvent the wheel (although there is plenty of invention here) but to provide a foundation that can be built upon for our clients and Heath’s customers.

The collection begins with Heath’s original 1960 Rim Line, which we have glazed in full resulting in a refreshed purity of form. The glazes, chosen for their ease of mixing and matching within the collection and Heath’s expanded offerings, reflect an earthy Commune palette. Barley, a warm light colored neutral, and Shade, a cooler shade of charcoal, were pulled from Heath’s tile glazes and have not been used within their dinnerware collections to date. The third color, Redwood, is an iconic dinnerware glaze that we simply couldn’t resist. The forms are those anyone familiar with Heath will know and love, from dinner plates and serving platters to pasta bowls and serving bowls, yet we couldn’t help but introduce a new piece that is special to the mix — Stack Cup, a distilled version of Stack Mug.

The Commune for Heath Dinnerware Collection is now available through Heath, online and in-store. Alongside the collection, you can shop complementary goods from our shared family of makers, including our Commune for R+D Lab Glassware Collection and a full table linen collection by Studio Ford.

Another important aspect of this collection was the question of how to give back. In support of the Los Angeles community and the next generation of designers, a portion of every Commune for Heath Dinnerware Collection purchase will go to Art Division, a non-profit dedicated to training and supporting underserved youth studying the visual arts. Art Division helps students gain the tools they need to pursue higher education, achieve self-sufficiency, and obtain careers in the arts and related fields.

Photos of our collection and our shoppable Commune Shop ‘Outpost’ installation here in Los Angeles were taken by Mariko Reed. Photos in situ were taken by David Kitz. Words by Preston Alba.