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Commune Design at The Gamble House

An Inspiring Day at the Gamble House.


Commune Design at The Gamble House

Last July we set about documenting our latest collection with our friends at Christopher Farr. A new collection of rugs based on our love of California and our love of craft.

The location for our shoot, known as The Gamble House, was built by Arts and Crafts pioneers Greene and Greene for David Gamble — son of Procter & Gamble founder James Gamble. Constructed between 1908-1909, the house was essentially a blank check project at a time when resources like old growth lumber and master builders seemed to be working in harmony. Passed down through the generations before being donated to the city of Pasadena, the house along with its furnishings, tapestries, and lighting have remained largely in their original state unlike any other Greene and Greene project.

We arrived with rugs in hand, welcomed by Sheryl Scott and Jennifer Trotoux of The Gamble House Conservancy, slipped off our shoes, put on some gloves and got to work. Our intention was quite pure and simple: to quietly insert our new rugs into the house without any noticeable intervention and document them honestly. Our friend and florist Jessica Hamilton brought in locally farmed garden flowers and our friend and photographer Laure Joliet did the shooting. The play between the natural light and deep shadows provided the atmosphere, as well as the incredible backdrop of exotic woods, exposed joinery, stained glass, silver inlays, clinker bricks, and countless bespoke details.

Lunch took us outside to the back porch for a nice summer meal and a chance to talk more candidly. We all agreed there is no other place quite like California that could have inspired both this new collection of rugs and The Gamble House. We couldn’t have been happier with the experience and it’s one we won’t soon forget. Many thanks to all who helped make it possible.

Explore The Gamble House here and our new collection for Christopher Farr here.

Photographed by Laure Joliet at The Gamble House in Pasadena, California. Text by Preston Alba.