From the Archive: Notable Stationery

An inspiring study on branding.


Michael Cooper

This small collection of notable stationery from our archive provides a glimpse into the personal paraphernalia of the stars. We love to see how graphic design is used to communicate the essence of each personality on something as small as a piece of paper. And while some are surprisingly simple and elegant like Elvis, and Marylin Monroe, others are more pictorial like Frank Lloyd Wright and James Brown. As a whole, they are an inspiring study in branding and a nice reminder of a time when communication moved a little slower.

Shirley Temple
L. Ron Hubbard
Charles Schulz
Goucho Marx
Jayne Mansfield
Hunter S. Thompson
Alfred Hitchcock
Roy Lichtenstein
Babe Ruth
Jean Harlow
Les Paul
James Dean
Andy Warhol
Marilyn Monroe
Thomas Edison
Keith Haring
Leonard Cohen
Stationery for Clark Gable
Gene Shalit
Paul Rand
Albert Einstein
Woody Allen
John Wayne
Johnny Cash
Julia Child
Muhammad Ali
Marcel Marceau
Steve McQueen
Grateful Dead
James Brown
Saul Bass
Bruce Lee
Frank Lloyd Wright