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From the Library: Sheila Hicks

A beautiful book and object.


From the Library: Sheila Hicks

We’ve always been inspired by the work of Sheila Hicks which fills the pages of Sheila Hicks Weaving as Metaphor. The book catalogues many of her many smaller works that were created on small canvas stretcher. Each piece is a study in warp and weft, materiality and color. Some are simple and flat and many are more complicated and sculptural, even resembling a painting. Irma Boom's design of the book clearly seemed to be inspired by Hicks. The white edges are flush with the cover, but have been torn to resemble the texture of the fabric studies inside. The cover has also been debossed with a fabric-like texture and shape of one of the weavings. As a whole it’s feels solid and at the same time precious.

Text by Dante Iniguez