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Steve Baer’s zomes

On the visionary inventor and a great residential designer


Steve Baer’s zomes

From the books by Buckminster Fuller or Lewis Mumford he carefully read, to the mathematics and physics he studied, to the frames he welded when he came back from the Army in the 60s, everything lead Los Angeles-born Steve Baer to the path of invention. 

At the beginning of the American counterculture, he became interested in the possibilities of building innovative structures using technology that wouldn’t necessarily degrade or complicate people's lives - like solar energy. 

Author of the celebrated and out of print “Dome Cookbook” published in 1968, and architect of the first rural hippie commune Drop City, Steve Baer founded Zomeworksecently recreated one of Baer’s zome complexes at Art Basel...

Steve Baer must be regarded as an energy pioneer, a visionary inventor and a great residential designer. In 1975, he designed this beautiful house located in Rancho Las Cruces, Gaviota, CA, surrounded by oak woodland, grassland, small streams and springs. A utopian paradise made a reality.