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The Great Commune Shop Experiment

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The Great Commune Shop Experiment

Back in 2008, as we were about to move into a new office in West Hollywood, the economy collapsed. Like most businesses at the time, we went through a terrible round of layoffs and our tiny team ended up moving into a giant, mostly empty space. They were rough times. To keep spirits up, and in an effort to keep our family of artisans busy making things, we pitched a tent in the middle of our studio, painted it with some crazy graphics and opened a store. Commune Shop was born. Eventually we moved it all online, but the shopkeeper bug had bit us hard.

Fourteen years later we’d like to introduce The Great Commune Shop Experiment; a new physical interpretation of our online store. In the spirit of Comme des Garcons’ guerilla stores from the 90’s, we dropped a modular structure in the middle of an unfinished space within the 1924 Spanish Colonial building that houses our studio in the heart of MacArthur Park.

We’ve filled it with our online offerings, plus lots of new things our family of artisans have made specially for it. The roster is long and the offerings will flow through a number of curated shopping “vignettes” for the next four months…we’ll see after that. Please keep an eye on @shopcommune for news and new arrivals or message us with questions.

The experiment begins Thursday, September 15th. Come one, come all.

2502 W 7th Street Los Angeles, Ca 90057
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 PM - 4 PM

Words by Roman Alonso, Images by Elizabeth Carababas.